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Exquisite design with precise dimension and craftsmanship. International popular smoky-gray glass front door.

Easily be mounted on wall, or placed on floor after installed castor or feet.

Loading capacity: 60KG.

Top and bottom wiring channel could be closed.

Removable front door and side panel, easily installing and maintaining Surface finish: Degreased, acid cleaned, phosphoric, water cleaned, electro-static powder coating, meet ROHS standard.

Optional color: black/gray

Optional accessories.

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Cool rolled steel

Thickness: Vertical rail:1.5mm

Else in 1.2mm

Tempered smoky-gray glass with thickness of 5mm.


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Part No Width/mm Depth/mm Height/mm
UL- WCB 09-66-BAA-C 600 600 1388
UL-WCB 12-66-BAA-C 600 800
UL-WCB 15-66-BAA-C 600 100